Web Services

360 hangout video content API

GET api/v1/{method}/{query(optional)}/{offset(default=0)}/{limit(default=var)}

Returns the items that match your method or/and query.

The default LIMIT is variable and the OFFSET is set to 0

You can set offset and limit values for pagination \{your_value(offset)}\{your_value(limit)} after the method and/or query parameter in the url.

All results are displayed in a JSON response.

Resource URL


Example Request



      "video_id": "1",
      "video_title": "Wisin y Yandel",
      "video_mode": "On-Demand",
      "video_duration": "01:10",
      "video_genre": "Urban",
      "video_views": "471",
      "video_image": "https:\/\/si3dservices\/uploads\/images\/awisin.jpg",
      "video_360_url": "https:\/\/dev.360hangout.com\/videos\/trailers\/wy\/Teaser_WyY_flash_2400x1200_f14.985014985014985_3M.mp4",
      "video_hd_url": "",
      "video_type": "360"

Methods & Parameters

Method Query Description
all none All videos. accepts optional offset() & limit() values.[WORKING::VERSION 1]
id video id Video object by id. Expected integer. Example query value: 11 [WORKING::VERSION 1]>
popular none Most views. Accepts offset(0) & limit(5) values. [UNDER DEV::FUTURE VERSION]
genre none Videos in a genre. Expected string|integer[id|slug]. Example use: genre/latin accepts offset(0) & limit(5) values. [UNDER DEV::FUTURE VERSION]
genrelist none *List all genres. Expected string|integer[id|slug]. Example use: genrelist[UNDER DEV::FUTURE VERSION]

*These methods assist in populating multiple selection and drop-down inputs.